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El Poder De La Noche

This is the “NUMBER ONE LATINO SHOW” in the mornings of Massachusetts.
Every morning on POWER 102.9FM / 800AM It is broadcast simultaneously 6am to
Monday to Friday.
The word "CALENTON " is not directly translatable into English; it derives from the Spanish 
verb CALENTAR(to heat), but in colloquial Spanish can also mean to heat something.
 Hosted by:
Richie Herrera (Director – Producer)
With more than 20 years on radio, his original laugh and talent has become a trademark on the show,Born in SANTIAGO Dominican Republic. He’s also the” Production Director” of POWER, responsible for creating and producing most of the commercials. Richie’s knowledge of radio and expertise in producing the morning program has made him the #1 Talent in the Boston Metro.
Paul Easy (CO-HOST)
With a professional and refined history on Dominican Republic radio, working in one the Best showsthere “EL TAPON DE LAS CINCO” Paul brings his unique talent and creativity to El Calenton. Born in SANTIAGO Dominican Republic. Paul is the funny element on the show, giving the morning drive laughs and entertainment during the 4 hour program. He is definitely add his incrediable talent to the show’s main focus..
12 years on the radio, she’s the balance between Richie and Paul, Her comments brings the woman’s side of every topic. Her personality and talent are the perfect complement to Richie and Paul’s banter.Also born in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Awilda is Followed by the audience…… she’s like the spark plug in the morning and always says her mind.
EL CALENTON DE LA MAÑANA the number one Spanish language show in the morning in 
 “Baby Paisa” Name is: Juan David Gonzalez , He was born in Antigua, Colombia in Medellin. His Father “ Don Diego” was a physical educator, (swimming teacher). Don Diego used all his sons to be a demonstration on swimming classes 2 and 3 times a day. Thanks to “ El Baby Paisa” abilities swimming he came to USA in 1989 to participate on a International event in Miami representing the Youth swimming selection of Colombia.

His mother “Nelfy” an enterprising businessman is the strongest influence in his life. His Interest in radio started when he visited the stereo studio of Veracruz in Medellin. He Finish his 7th grade in Colombia and continued his study in East Boston and Chelsea High School in Massachusetts. After his graduation he went to Connecticut School of Broadcasting to study Communication. His first job as a communicator started in 1996 at GALAXIA 1510 AM for a year  from 11PM to 6AM in Boston thanks to “ Ricardo Villalona”. Then he is recruited to work in the production department in a syndication chain in New Hampshire which would transmit to the United States and Mexico via satellite. In 1998 “ El Baby Paisa” was introduced to LA MEGA 1150 of Boston, progressively growing in the market dominating the ratings. In 2002 he was transfer to Rhode Island to be the programming and editor director of LATINA 100.3 in 2007.

Since 2009 “El Baby Paisa” has being  incharged of the Programation at POWER 800 AM and 92.1 Fm which is now 102.9 FM. with his unique style and his passion for programming and communication “ El Colombiano mas atrevido” has made a big difference in the popularity of POWER 800 AM and 102.9 FM. under his direction, Power has become the Hispanic radio station most heard in Massachusetts.  “El Baby Paisa” insist of working a full shift from 10AM to 3PM Monday to Friday.

Roberto Garcia better known as “El Baron D Show” was born in the Dominican Republic.

Began his career as a DJ with only 18 years old under the name of DJ Darvolo creating an immense sensation with his unique style. “El Baron D’ Show” began his radio career in 1998 with the original Mega Boston. In 2000 was the first DJ to play reggaeton in the radio in his program named “La Mega Melasa” .  Has Worked in Philadelphia, Providence, Hardford and Boston.

Through the years he has been identified more with the Classics and Salsa. Now you can listen to him at Power 800 AM and 102.9 FM everyday Monday to Friday from 3 Pm to 7 Pm and every Saturday 8 AM to 12 PM.

Juan Alberto del Toro
Juan Alberto del Toro
Started on radio in his hometown San Pedro de Macoris, in Dominican Republic in the 70’s.

In San Pedro de Macoris he worked at Radio Oriente, and Radio 23, basically on music shows but also news. In 1979 he moved to the capital and labor in many radio stations like; Radio Cristal, Radio Antillas, Radio Mil, briefly Radio HIZ, and in 1982 in Radio Central one of the most influential radio network in the decades  80 and 90. He also worked at radio comercial (Noti tiempo), KQ94, and Super Q. Also worked for Televida, channel  41 this channel was the first one that started to transmit Catholic. He left Televisa and Super Q because he never liked TV.

In the Dominican Republic he was also part of the transmission of Baseball and Basketball Games. In New York he worked for  “ Noticias 1380”, “La Mega” and briefly at Radio Waldo , Connecticut and Florida. 1996 to 2004 he was the director of CDN radio.

In 2005 he came to Massachusetts, and has been working in Costa Eagle Broadcasting.He is also part of the morning show “ El Calenton de la Mañana” and also have a news show at WCEC 1490 at 12PM.